Toeniskoetter Development Names New President

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Feb 12, 2021


Brad Krouskup, President and CEO of Toeniskoetter Development, Inc., has announced that Daniel T. Amend has been named President of Toeniskoetter Development. Krouskup will relinquish his own role as president and continue as CEO.

“Toeniskoetter Development is on a steady growth trajectory, and we anticipate a number of exciting opportunities to expand that growth significantly in the near future,” says Krouskup. “Having Dan take the reins as president now is a key inflection point in the long-term vitality and growth of our portfolio.”

Krouskup and Amend look to build on their 25-year development partnership at Toeniskoetter. Under their leadership, the company has steadily expanded both its circle of investors and the services it provides, including asset management and partnership opportunities. A family business, Toeniskoetter prides itself on the trust it builds with clients; its steady growth is a direct result of the synergy created by that trust. “So much of what we do is relationship-based,” says Amend. “We have clients who buy a building from us then ask us to manage it. There are others we’ve worked with managing their family real estate assets who then become partners in other Toeniskoetter projects. The bottom line is that our clients are actually able to grow because of the services Toeniskoetter Development provides.”

In his nearly three decades with the company, Amend has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of the firm’s real estate interests and honed a leadership style that prizes a nimble, creative approach to realizing opportunity.  As part of Toeniskoetter Development, he was instrumental in launching the separate company, Toeniskoetter Construction, Inc., in 2008, which has grown into a successful company in its own right. He was promoted to President and CEO of Toeniskoetter Construction in 2016, dividing his time 50-50 between the two companies.

“I am tremendously honored to return to Toeniskoetter Development in this role at a time when our opportunities for investment and growth have never been more exciting,” Amend says. “Our talent, experience, and partnerships have laid a solid foundation for the next generation of success.”

Indeed, the security and longevity of the Toeniskoetter companies was top of mind in this management move, according to founder and current Board Chair, Chuck Toeniskoetter.  “An effective succession plan is a key part of any company’s long-term success,” he explains. “Dan knows our portfolio probably better than anyone, and together with Brad, they have the skill set to take our company to the next level.”

As Amend moves full-time to the development side, Adam Toeniskoetter will be named as President of Toeniskoetter Construction, Inc.

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