Team Member Spotlight: Bernadette Quach

Posted by Megan Toeniskoetter
Nov 19, 2020


When you’re a small company committed to excellence, every member of the team plays an outsize role. Today, our Team Member Spotlight falls on Bernadette Quach, Vice President of Accounting.

Like many of her colleagues at Toeniskoetter, Bernadette Quach has grown her career at the company. She joined Toeniskoetter almost 13 years ago as a Property Portfolio Accountant and has diligently worked her way up ever since, steadily gaining the knowledge and expertise that has made her indispensable to the organization. Today, as Vice President of Accounting, she serves both Toeniskoetter Development and Toeniskoetter Construction, overseeing a team of three that manages the complex accounting world of two corporations, various projects at different stages of development, real estate financing, and much more.

“What makes Bernadette special is that she’s taught herself everything she knows -- a remarkable achievement, considering that her job is very complex from a financial and accounting perspective,” says founder and Chairman Chuck Toeniskoetter. “She’s smart, exceptionally organized, and has a great team that she keeps motivated and directed.” says Dan Amend, president and CEO of Toeniskoetter Construction. “She handles everything that comes her way, with the right temperament to run the team.”

According to Bernadette she’s thrived in a culture that’s family oriented. “In a smaller company, you really get to know everyone,” she says. “It’s easy to be connected on both a personal and professional level.”

The COVID-19 crisis has certainly brought its challenges; for Bernadette, it was in managing her team remotely. “It was a bit harder to get a handle on everyone’s workload at first,” she recalls. “But we’ve adapted with regular check ins and phone calls.” The crisis did have one silver lining: it allowed Bernadette and her husband extended bonding time with the baby daughter they adopted in January. “It’s kind of bittersweet -- we’ve loved the time spent with her these past few months, but I wish I could bring her to the office so everyone could meet her in person!”

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